The Technology Valley Goes Silicon Valley Immersion Programme will take delegates from the Technology Valley ecosystem to Silicon Valley for a comprehensive programme of presentations, seminars, workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and networking. Designed by Silicon Valley Forum, this programme is tailored to the exact requirements of our delegates, preparing them for successful engagement with international markets and commercial success.


One of Silicon Valley Forum’s core products, the immersion programme provides real-world learning, introductions to latest technology and industry trends, leadership and business skills, and invaluable connections to industry leaders.

This exposure to the established and world leading technology market of Silicon Valley will educate them on best practice in scalability, commercialisation, attracting and securing investment. The experience will immerse them in the inspiring and creative global capital of high-tech innovation. During the programme they will be introduced to some of Silicon Valley’s top operators, hosted by the Silicon Valley Forum who have over 30 years of experience and reputation behind them.

The depth and breadth of Silicon Valley Forums membership provides access to some of the world’s foremost leaders in technology, with past immersion programmes seeing delegates visit senior executives and developers at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Docusign. 

Not only will connections be made, but this immersive experience will provide invaluable insight and perspective into doing business with the global innovation community, and how to best attract investment.

The programme takes place in March 2020

Registrations for the programme are at a special Early-Bird rate of $4,300 (+GST) until 15 November 2019, increasing to $4,800 (+GST) thereafter . Places are very limited, so register now to avoid missing this extraordinary opportunity.

The Immersion Programme provides real-world learning, introductions to latest technology and industry trends, leadership and business skills, and invaluable connections to industry leaders.


Monday, 2 March 2020

  • Discussion: Navigating the Innovation Capital of the World
    Learn about the past, present and future of Silicon Valley. Understand the evolving role of startups and how they work with the universities and enterprise companies of the region. How has funding changed in the past twenty years? 

  • Talk: Focus on IP – How do startups protect IP? How do they value it?
    Hear from a leading Silicon Valley IP lawyer on the do’s and don’ts of tech IP in the US. What should be a startups main IP priority? 

  • Discussion: International Startups – Strategies for landing in Silicon Valley
    Hear the story of a Silicon Valley startup with roots from abroad. What was the decision process like to come to Silicon Valley? Who were allies when they arrived? 

  • Visit: SAP.io - How enterprise companies partner with startups in the Valley
    Established companies can be a significant role with startups. What are the opportunities and challenges of partnering with an enterprise company in Silicon Valley? 

  • Visit: AirBnb – How company culture drives success
    See the inside of a company on the verge of an IPO. How do they keep culture alive while growing? 


Tuesday, 3 March 2020

  • Talk: A Founder’s Story - Getting Acquired 
    While a small number of startup’s liquidity event is an IPO, often success comes in the form of an acquisition. Hear from a founder who has gone through this process. 

  • Talk: Pathway from Concept to Commercialisation
    What principles should startups follow in the commercialisation process? How should they set priorities and measurable goals? 

  • Ask me Anything (AMA) with VCs
    Companies take part in an open forum with VCs. These free-flowing conversations can be used to get the most burning questions out of the table 

  • Visit: DBL Partners - VC Overview and Presentations
    See how a prominent VC firm conducts business and hear from some of their portfolio companies 

  • Visit: Google - Intro to Cloud Services and how Google supports the innovation ecosystem
     Learn about how Google supports startups in Silicon Valley 



Wednesday, 4 March 2020

  • Mentors Discussion: What are largest hurdles to market entry into the US? 
    Hear the story of a Silicon Valley startup with roots abroad. What was the decision process like to come to Silicon Valley? Who were their allies when they arrived? What are the most important keys to success? 

  • Mentors Discussion: What can traction look like?
    Traction can look extremely different from one startup to the next, and is often dependent on the stage of development. What can traction look like at various stages? How do investors evaluate traction? 

  • Visit: Amazon Web Services tour and talk - Keeping culture alive
    Take a look at how AWS works from the inside. How do they scale while keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive? How do they help startup achieve success? 

  • Visit: Venrock - VC Overview and Presentations
    Take a look inside a prominent VC firm and learn how they pick winners. 


Thursday, 4 March 2020

  • Talk: Building a timeline for success – How to overcome early failures and find allies 
    Every startup needs a timeline that is both realistic and aspirational. It needs to be updated constantly and defensible. Discuss how to build a timeline that will give investors’ confidence. 

  • Visit: IBM - Enterprise Innovation, how AI is driving the business forward 
    Look inside IBM and see how AI is powering their future growth 

  • Visit: Plug & Play – How do accelerators and shared workspaces add value in Silicon Valley?
    See first-hand how Plug & Play works. How do startups access the resources of an accelerator? Is it necessary for success in Silicon Valley? 

  • Week in review: Key Takeaways from the week
    After over a week of mentorship in Silicon Valley with numerous VCs, what are the key lessons learned? What new impressions have been formed on the region, entrepreneurship and startups in the Valley? Silicon Valley Forum staff lead an open discussion.


For over 35 years, Silicon Valley Forum has fostered innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in Silicon Valley. They facilitate connections and provide resources and information, covering everything from the latest tech trends to the global start-up and investment ecosystem. While they focus on technology and start-ups in practice, in spirit they build their work around anyone who wants to run their business the Silicon Valley way - this is a place where creativity and innovation are crucial components of success.

The organisation has a long history of creating successful events, programmes, online tutorials, and conferences that educate, train, inspire, and connect technologists, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, innovation hubs, and students — in Silicon Valley, throughout the U.S., and globally. The Silicon Valley Forum organises over 70 programs and events each year and have worked with over 40 countries worldwide.

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