When exactly is the programme happening?

The Immersion Programme is scheduled for 2 - 5 March 2020.

Why are flights and other expenses not included in the registration fee?

Many in our community have various 'hook ups' that will make travel and accommodation more affordable, so it makes sense that our fees exclude these items. We have some people 'in the know' who will help us get the best rates, so let us know if you'd like to be part of our group bookings.

I might need help with costs.....

Its not just the startup phase that can be expensive, and we appreciate that the registration fees are a bit of an investment. We can help, with payment plans, potential grants, and scholarships.

How many are going?

Our delegation for this programme includes 10 delegates and our three scholarship recipients. If demand exceeds this number we may consider expanding numbers, but only if our delegates complement each other needs s far as programme development - its important that everyone gets as much value from the programme as possible.

What and how many scholarships are available?

There are three scholarships available in 2020 - Technology Valley Start-up Award, Technology Valley Collaboration Award, and the Technology Valley Pre-Commercialisation Award. Each scholarship award represents one paid registration to a premium Technology Valley Forum programme – in 2020 it is the Technology Valley goes Silicon Valley Immersion Programme. If a group, business or organisation is awarded a scholarship they are to nominate one recipient to receive the registration. 

Please note that Technology Valley Forum does not have to award the full number of scholarships; As the scholarships are awarded on merit-based criteria, should a suitable recipient not be determined the award may not be given.


Which award should I apply for?

You may apply for any or as many of the awards as you feel you fit the criteria for however; each award must have its own application including all documentation. This is because criteria and considerations for each is different. 

While one business/organisation may be awarded multiple scholarships, each scholarship may be redeemed by different individuals.

What is the value of the scholarship?

The value of the scholarship, which includes a full registration to the Technology Valley goes Silicon Valley Immersion Programme*, is $4,800.00 (plus GST). As well as the registration, each winner will be profiled and promoted by Technology Valley Forum and its award partner network.

Can I transfer or ‘cash-out’ the scholarship?

The scholarships will be awarded to the winning applicant as named. An individual cannot transfer the scholarship to another person and must redeem it at the 2020 Technology Valley goes Silicon Valley Immersion Programme*. A business, group, or organisation that is awarded with a scholarship may nominate a person from within their business, group, or organisation, to use the registration.

Scholarships are not redeemable for cash.


What if I can’t travel to Silicon Valley?

The Technology Valley goes Silicon Valley Immersion Programme is scheduled for March 2020. If an individual scholarship winner is unable to travel at this time (for any reason, including travel restrictions, finance, and workload) then they will forfeit their award. Any business, group, or organisation who has nominated their registrant should be aware that, once the registrant details are booked their place cannot be exchanged. 

Does the award include travel expenses to Silicon Valley?

No, the award includes the registration value only. Flights, accommodation, insurance, and other expenses are the responsibility of the registrant. Should a successful scholarship recipient not be able to meet these costs they should contact Technology Valley Forum immediately.

What is expected of me, should I win?

As well as being part of the delegation travelling to Silicon Valley for the Technology Valley goes Silicon Valley Immersion Programme, our scholarship recipients will have the spotlight on them – Technology Valley Forum is all about celebrating greatness, and our scholarship recipients will be profiled and promoted within our networks and beyond. We do ask that our winners be available for any related media, and we expect  that they will contribute to a Meetup after they return from Silicon Valley, to share their learnings with the wider ecosystem.

It is important to note that all entries, including supplementary content and references, may and will be used for promotional purposes. If you have any concerns about this please contact Technology Valley Forum.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Apply online here


*If, for any reason, the Silicon Valley Immersion Programme does not go ahead, Technology Valley Forum reserves the right to offer a supplementary programme at a similar or higher value in its place.


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