We are establishing a very exclusive team, one with only a small number of  members and the opportunity to change the futures and fortunes of some of the most promising innovators of the Wellington region.

As a member of this team you will help determine who receives this advantage; you’ll help shape their experience and will be part of their journey. 

While supporting these innovators and entrepreneurs, you will be exposing your brand and product/service offering to a global market who are primed and curious about what our region has to offer. In their discovery of our regional value proposition this audience will in turn be able to further explore your own value proposition, with us on the ground representing you and your brand. 

Closer to home, you will be recognised as founding partner in an initiative that launches an organisation that will connect, inform, inspire, and represent our local community of innovators. With this launch comes a sustained and multichannel broadcast, which offers an exceptionally valuable and unique marketing opportunity to the members of this every exclusive team.

We invite you to join this team, and become a founding partner of the inaugural Technology Valley Goes Silicon Valley Immersion Programme,  and join Technology Valley Forum and our partner network in creating a unique opportunity to take Technology Valley to the world.


Technology Valley Forum is an independent organisation that supports and facilitates the promotion, collaboration, engagement, and development of the community of innovators within Technology Valley. We aim to connect the dots, providing opportunities for people and clusters within this community to meet and share ideas. We also connect this Hutt Valley and Wellington based community to the many supports available to them - identifying possible opportunities for assistance, advice, promotion, and other supportive initiatives that might help smooth their path to success.

We’re big fans of celebrating excellence and sharing success, and promote local people, innovations, and ideas by curating stories from our network and sharing them with the world.

If you want to be part of this forward thinking, connected, and inspired community join us at our next meetup or connect with us now.

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